Ex Machina: Movie Marketing via Tinder
#Tinder, #Advertising
20 Mar 2015
Tinder Plus is Now Available With Passport and Rewind Features
#Tinder, #Mobile Application
4 Mar 2015
Tinder Plus Will Be Released Next Month!
#Tinder, #Mobile Application
5 Feb 2015
Shazam Partners With Spotify For A Better Music Experience
#Shazam, #Spotify
19 Jan 2015
Tinder Gets Challenged by A New App: Bumble
#Bumble, #Mobile Application
8 Jan 2015
Tinder Against Sex Trafficking: A Social Responsibility Campaign
#Tinder, #Social Responsibility
7 Jan 2015
Mobile Dating App Tinder Adds Premium Service
#Tinder, #Mobile Application
4 Nov 2014

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