Facebook’s Internet.org project is launched in India with the aim of providing free web access to all!
#Facebook, #Internet.org
11 Feb 2015
Apple’s new video ad with the title ‘Make Music with iPad’ focuses -obviously- on music while promoting its latest products —iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini.
#Apple, #Advertising
11 Feb 2015
Google recently purchased Odysee; the app to share and back up all photos and videos on smartphones. What does it mean for Google Plus?
#Google, #Odysee
10 Feb 2015
The famous social networking service, Twitter, announced a new program called ‘Quick Promote’ with small and medium-sized businesses in mind.
#Twitter, #Advertising
9 Feb 2015
The app named ControlAir enables you to manage popular Mac applications and their basic features without touching your keyboard or mouse!
9 Feb 2015
Google and Twitter reportedly closed the deal on making our tweets visible on Google search as soon as they are posted!
#Google, #Twitter
9 Feb 2015
‘Am I Going Down?’ is a brand new mobile application calculating the risk of your flights and telling the odds of your plane crashing! Scary, right?
#Am I Going Down, #Mobile Application
6 Feb 2015
Twitter is reportedly working on a new design in order to achieve a better conversion rate of visitors. Here is what it might look like!
#Twitter, #Design
6 Feb 2015
Even though Super Bowl XLIX is already over, this year’s champions became the commercials once more. Here are Snug Social's favorites Super Bowl ads!
#Super Bowl, #Advertising
6 Feb 2015
LokLok App comes with one of the most interesting ideas in the area of messaging applications —the ability to chat on your lock screen!
#LokLok, #Mobile Application
5 Feb 2015
Instagram recently launched a new application update including endless loops feature —in a similar fashion with Vine!
#Instagram, #Mobile Application
5 Feb 2015
With a little delay, Tinder Plus will finally be available to purchase in March —with "Undo" and "Location Changing" options!
#Tinder, #Mobile Application
5 Feb 2015
Vine takes a step for children with Vine Kids. As a standalone mobile application, Vine Kids promises fun ways of watching videos on the platform!
#Vine, #Mobile Application
4 Feb 2015
Snapchat has been improving its services with Snaps, Stories and Live Events, and now a new feature is added to the mobile application: Discover!
#Snapchat, #Mobile Application
4 Feb 2015
Facebook takes another step both for the venues and users. Place Tips, Facebook’s brand new feature on mobile, aims to challenge Foursquare and Yelp!
#Facebook, #Mobile Application
4 Feb 2015
Thanks to Google’s new feature, Gmail users can now send money to their friends by using the “£” button on their mailboxes!
#Google Wallet
3 Feb 2015