Twitter recently announced the release of their official WordPress plugin that has been long awaited!
#Twitter, #WordPress
5 Mar 2015
It’s been a while since Instagram first started opening space for ads, and today the company announces a new type of advertising: Carousel Ads.
#Instagram, #Advertising
5 Mar 2015
The world’s tech giant will host a special Apple Watch Event on March 9th, for its stylish wearable first introduced in September.
4 Mar 2015
One of the most popular matchmaking applications, Tinder, finally announced its premium version Tinder Plus which has been long awaited!
#Tinder, #Mobile Application
4 Mar 2015
The popular music streaming service, Spotify announced that they have been working on a special update for their desktop version!
#Spotify, #Musixmatch
3 Mar 2015
World's largest social network, Facebook announced that they’ve reached 2 million active advertisers!
#Facebook, #Advertising
27 Feb 2015
A while ago, we’ve talked about how Google started working on safe services for children and finally YouTube Kids is here!
#YouTube, #Mobile Application
27 Feb 2015
'What Should I Read Next?’ is a free platform suggesting you great reads based on your favorite books!
26 Feb 2015
All hail the new record holder of Kickstarter! Pebble’s latest smart watch model Pebble Time hit its $500K target within the first 17 minutes!
#Pebble, #Kickstarter
26 Feb 2015 -the platform to connect and trigger several actions and web services- gets smarter with three new apps: Do Button, Do Camera and Do Note.
#IFTTT, #Mobile Application
23 Feb 2015
From now on, you are able to choose a legacy contact to manage your Facebook account after you pass away...
#Facebook, #Legacy Contact
23 Feb 2015
IKEA Emoticons is a quite interesting mobile application launched by the Swedish furniture retail giant...
#IKEA, #Mobile Application
19 Feb 2015
Drops is a brand new mobile application, making your language learning experience more fun in only five minutes a day!
#Drops, #Mobile Application
19 Feb 2015
Prezi, the web-based presentation service recently released a new mobile app named Nutshell which allows you to animate your photos!
#Nutshell, #Prezi
19 Feb 2015
You’ll love Google’s latest campaign for the 'Safer Internet Day’. The company offers 2 GB free Google Drive storage space for all!
12 Feb 2015
Google announced that they’ll be adding fact-based and 'clinically approved’ health information into medical search results!
11 Feb 2015