HERE by Nokia, the mobile map and navigation application for its smartphones, is back on iOS devices after a one-year break!
#HERE, #Mobile Application
11 Mar 2015
In the first Google Shop opened in London, both Google’s branded products and Android-based third-party services are displayed and available to buy!
#Google, #Europe
11 Mar 2015
Twitter quietly closed the deal with Periscope, the live streaming startup, for around $100 million and confirmed the rumors!
#Twitter, #Periscope
11 Mar 2015
Facebook starts a new programme called ‘Creative Accelerator’ targeting high-growth markets in several locations of the world.
#Facebook, #Advertising
10 Mar 2015
It’s time to say goodbye to another old friend of the digital world; FriendFeed recently decided to shut down the platform!
#FriendFeed, #Facebook
10 Mar 2015
The company finally ended the discussion by announcing the price for Apple Watch as ranging from $349 up to $17.000!
10 Mar 2015
The world’s largest social network, Facebook introduced a new tool to prevent suicide by working with a simple reporting system.
#Facebook, #Social Responsibility
9 Mar 2015
The tech giant finally released Google AdWords for Android, which lets the users manage all advertising campaigns through their mobile phones.
#Google, #Advertising
9 Mar 2015
According to Shazam’s CEO, Rich Riley, the users will be able to “shazam” more than just songs by hitting the famous blue button!
#Shazam, #Mobile Application
9 Mar 2015
Don’t be surprised if you see a decrease in your page likes pretty soon, thanks to Facebook’s new policy for counting them!
#Facebook, #Content Strategy
6 Mar 2015