Company Accounts on Quora: A New Revenue Model?

24 Mar 2015
Company Accounts on Quora: A New Revenue Model?

One of the most popular Q&A platforms on the web, Quora opens up to companies and organizations. Announced on the official blog, company accounts on Quora allow the brands to run their own profiles and respond to the questions concerning them.

Last June, Quora took the first step by creating their own company account and now other brands can take their places on the platform, with a “verified” icon similar to Facebook and Twitter.

Perhaps the main reason behind this new feature is the following: When you ask a question about a company, you would value an answer coming directly from that brand more, compared to the ones by fellow Quora users.

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One of the first company accounts on Quora became Huffington Post, the leading brand of digital publishing. You can view the answers, upvotes and “knows abouts” on the official Huffington Post profile —just like a regular user.

As an ever-growing social platform, Quora does not generate revenue for the time being. That’s why the introduction of company accounts on Quora instantly raised the question: Is Quora after a new revenue model?

In fact, if this is the aim, we loved the idea! Company accounts would both let Quora remain as an ad-free platform and help the website in creating a revenue model without disturbing the users.

We’ll see whether Quora will soon make an announcement on the issue.

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