Now You Can Watch Vines Offline!

20 Mar 2015
Now You Can Watch Vines Offline!

If you get bored with your smartphone in your hand when there is no Internet connection, now there’s a solution for that. Thanks to the latest update, now you can watch Vines offline any time you want!

Announced on the official blog, Vine now lets you watch its 6-second videos on the subway or even in the airplane mode.

Vine’s new update also includes faster-loading videos overall, in parallel with this feature. In short, no matter how slow your Internet connection is, Vine promises a better and faster video application.

By implementing a small video file size and network caching, Vine will load your timeline, notifications and the Explore tab, even before you open the app. Of course, this raises another question concerning the background effect on your cellular data!

Many users already started asking for a choice between using Wi-Fi or cellular data while pre-loading. We’ll see whether Vine will add such an option to save cellular data.

The update will start rolling out for iOS devices. Android users have to wait a little bit more again!

You can check the Vine, made by Vine, to announce watching Vines offline!

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