Ex Machina: Movie Marketing via Tinder

20 Mar 2015
Ex Machina: Movie Marketing via Tinder
Image Source: AdWeek

Ex Machina has been one of the most highly-anticipated movies during the SXSW Film event. The movie, premiered on Friday in the United States, succeed in grabbing the attention of millions thanks to a smart Tinder campaign.

Ex Machina, classified as science-fiction & drama, is centered around an artificial intelligence experiment character -Ava- with a sophisticated and unexpectedly high EQ.

The participants of the SXSW event found about the movie, with an advertising campaign, utilizing Tinder and Instagram. Ex Machina’s main character, Ava sets a trap for the Tinder users around the location and begins the campaign!


Image Source: AdWeek

Here’s how it works: Tinder users start matching with Ava, a 25-years-old, beautiful woman located in Austin, Texas. Ava starts asking some questions to her “potential boyfriends” such as “Have you ever been in love?”, “What makes you human?” or “What attracts you to me?”. 

When Ava gets the answers, she directs the user to her Instagram account, thus mystery solved.

The user finds out that pretty Ava is, in fact, the actress Alicia Vikander, who plays the main character in Ex Machina.

Tinder campaign by Ex Machina eventually raised criticism for “fooling” the users for the sake of advertising and for Tinder turning into a place for bots.

We’ll see how the discussion goes on and whether Tinder will take a step in preventing bot users.

All in all, one clever marketing campaign by Ex Machina!

If you want to watch the trailer for Ex Machina:

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