Are You a Perfectionist? 5 Tips for the Perfect Blog Post!

18 Mar 2015
Are You a Perfectionist? 5 Tips for the Perfect Blog Post!

Whatever they say, a part of us believes that perfectionism can turn into a good habit. As a blogger, if you are asking for more, we’ve got some tips for you to create the perfect blog post!

Data may say lots of things, but we believe that it’s all yours to decide eventually. Whatever makes you feel better, take them with you and you’ll have your own way for a ‘perfect’ blog post!

For the time being, we can offer you 5 tips based on our experience, so that you may want to use while on the road.

1) Start with an interesting headline

Perhaps the most important part of a blog post is its headline: That’s where you have the highest chance of catching the visitor and convincing them to read the rest.

There are plenty of resources and theories on the web about finding a fixed formula. We believe that the best thing to do is to mix & match your favorites and create your way of generating attractive headlines.

Some offer a “6-words-rule”, whereas others go for longer ones. Of course, it’s important to keep your headline short, but if you want to tell more, you can try our trick.

Keeping a headline short is critical for your SEO performance and that’s why you should have a different title tailored for that section. Simply change your blog posts’ SEO titles using a plug-in and get creative in the original title!

Even though our headline here is “Are You a Perfectionist? 5 Tips for the Perfect Blog Post!”, we’ll only use the second part as the SEO Page Title. Isn’t this pure freedom?

If you need something crazier on your blog, try using surprising or challenging headlines. Never underestimate the power of numbers and strong adjectives!

2) Write in a better readable format

Readability is the key for blogging: Since you don’t have much time to keep your visitors on the page, you should try your best to make your blog easier to read.

Remember, the Internet is full of bloggers who share the same potential with you. That’s why you must impress your possible visitors both with your title and the content.

In spite of the debate over the ideal blog post length, this is something we all agree upon: Write in short paragraphs.

Long and dull paragraphs would discourage the visitor to scroll down. If you want to grab the attention of a modern Internet user, try shortening your paragraphs and divide your blog posts into sections with subheadings.

Subheadings and especially lists would make your post more easily readable and scannable. When you add text formatting, such as bolds and italics, you’ll be working both for your readers’ experience and your SEO performance.

3) Use several content types

Previously, we’ve written a blog post about utilizing different content types in order to boost your traffic. It’s a fact that especially images attract the reader and help them to spend more time on your blog.

If you have the chance to include videos, podcasts and infographics, that would be more than perfect! However, images still work well in blogging, because we tend to remember images more, compared to plain text.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a designer; editing stock photos and royalty-free images that can be found with a quick Google search would serve that end.

Apart from visual content types, you can try extracting quotes from your own writings or add the famous ones around your topic. Don’t forget to make them shareable; a “click-to-tweet” service would do the rest for you.

4) Provide links to further information

If someone is interested in your blog post, they would appreciate some further information about it. Try making references through your content and make sure the links open in a new tab.

Thanks to such a simple action, you’ll prevent the visitor to leave your blog when they click a link you’ve provided. One little trick, but quite critical!

External links work great when you don’t want to go into the details or when the info you are about to provide will harm your natural post flow. The reader will access further knowledge without getting distracted and you’ll become a better authority!

External links will let the reader know that you’ve made some research and taken your time to write that particular piece. Moreover, pointing some references and sources will make your post more accurate and trustworthy.

No need to mention the SEO benefit once more!

5) Add questions and call-to-actions

If your goal is to write the perfect blog post, you should better know that it’s a two-sided concept. Since blogging is an interactive effort, both you and your readers are the ones to make your post ‘perfect’.

While writing a piece of content, always think about your reader: What would they get from this post? How could they react to it?

Writing with the reader in mind, you’ll see that it’s not that hard to include them in the game. A simple invite would be more than enough: Try asking their opinion a few times through the post.

Asking the right questions would make you more “human” and as you know, it’s highly recommended to have a friendly, sincere and “humane” tone in your blog posts.

Next time you write a blog post, try asking a challenging question for your readers and don’t forget to check your comments section!

Last but not least, you should definitely use the chance to lead your visitor to related content. Don’t miss the opportunity and provide links to your old blog posts!

Bonus: Proofread for a perfect blog post!

As you know, typos make many of us nauseous!

A blog post full of typos would really decrease your possibility of getting shares. That’s why you should spell check your content a few times before hitting the “publish” button.

Of course, it would be better if someone else could do it for you, because we may not always see our own mistakes.

If you don’t have such an opportunity, try proofreading the post a couple of times, with intervals. Each time you read, you’ll be able to look from a different perspective and improve your writing!

Even though there are several tools on the Internet, don’t forget to proofread manually!

Bonus: Infographic

If you need more information about writing a perfect blog post, you can also check this yummy infographic!


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