Meerkat: The Hottest Live Streaming App for Twitter

16 Mar 2015
Meerkat: The Hottest Live Streaming App for Twitter

Even though Twitter often brags about being the place to share what’s happening around you instantly with millions of people, their streaming function has been limited to text and photos mostly.

That’s the exact same gap where Meerkat aims to fill; the application launched around a week ago.

Unlike TwitCam or Livestream, Meerkat’s most outstanding feature is its ease of use. Through the app developed for iPhone and iPad, you can video stream to your Twitter followers with a simple click.

After logging in via your Twitter account, Meerkat app welcomes you with two options: Schedule and Stream.


By clicking the “Stream”, you can instantly start a new live video with a title and a featured picture of your choice. The “Schedule” option lets you plan your video stream within the next 24 hours.

When you start or schedule your live video stream, the app automatically tweets on your behalf and lets your followers know about it.

Perhaps one of the best features of Meerkat was its ability to notify your Twitter followers -who use Meerkat- when you start recording. We’ve heard that on Friday Twitter took a step to break Meerkat’s access to its “social graph”, which made this feature possible.

Twitter’s move towards limiting Meerkat must have had something to do with the most recent purchase made by the company. We’ll see how Meerkat will be affected by that in the following days.

You can download the Meerkat app for iOS devices.

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