VAIO Phone: VAIO’s First-Ever Smartphone!

12 Mar 2015
VAIO Phone: VAIO's First-Ever Smartphone!

Born under the name of Sony, the famous VAIO brand has always been identified with its high-quality laptops. If you recall, VAIO was sold to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) by Sony a while ago.

Through an official announcement made by JIP today, it is officially stated that the first-ever smartphone branded only as “VAIO” is to be released.

Named as the VAIO Phone, the device will first be available for purchase in Japan, on March 20th.

We can call VAIO’s first smartphone as a medium range Android phone, which will be offered to Japanese users in collaboration with the country’s relatively smaller carrier: b-mobile.


Here are the basic technical features of the VAIO Phone: Android 5.0, 13-megapixel camera, 2GBs of RAM, 16GB internal memory and 1.2GHz processor. VAIO Phone also comes with a 720p screen resolution.

Looking at these “humble” technical qualities, one may argue that VAIO Phone is somewhat overpriced; since it would cost around $420.

Even though there is no official announcement about the global plan, we may claim that VAIO Phone will gradually expand into the world, based on its performance in Japan.

We’ll see how VAIO will advertise its first-ever smartphone and whether it will be able to compete with similar products in the market.

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