Podo: Restickable Wireless Selfie Camera

12 Mar 2015
Podo: Restickable Wireless Selfie Camera

Perhaps one of the most interesting Kickstarter projects is Podo; the wireless, restickable, app-controlled, little camera to improve your “selfie” experience in a much more fun way!

If you are fed up with wrong perspectives or long arms in the middle of your photos, Podo can be the right thing for you. As a better alternative to selfie sticks, Podo is a separate, wireless camera you can stick anywhere easily and control via the app in your smartphone.


Many already started to name the device as a “Shut up and take my money!” item. Podo Camera is optimized specifically for social media sharing, thanks to its apps on both iOS and Android.

Let alone the fun, Podo can be a great help if you are a loner-traveller or a selfie-addict. Stop asking people to take your photos and remove your arms from your selfies!

If you are interested in Podo, they might use your help on Kickstarter. We’ll see how the campaign will progress and be funded.

Here’s the video by Podo on Kickstarter:

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