The New Online Google Store Focuses on Hardware

12 Mar 2015
The New Online Google Store Focuses on Hardware

Even though Google gave up on Motorola Mobility and obviously on Google Glass last year, we can argue that the company still focuses on hardware by looking at its recent acquisition of Nest and the opening of a new online Google Store centered around hardware from Google and its partners.

If you recall, Google has recently opened its first-ever physical Google Shop in London and now the company takes another step towards attracting more customers.



In the online Google Store, you can find Chromebook, Chromecast, Nest, and Nexus products and their accessories with a free shipping option for a limited time.

Google’s new online store both embraces a smooth user experience understanding and a cool design, as one would expect from the company.

Keep in mind that Google Store is not yet available globally, but you can still check the U.S version.

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