Twitter Acquires Periscope – The Live Streaming App

11 Mar 2015
Twitter Acquires Periscope - The Live Streaming App

Twitter quietly closed the deal with Periscope, the live streaming startup, and confirmed the rumors. Based on different news sources, the amount paid by Twitter for the beta version of the app is somewhere between $50 – $100 million.

Since Periscope is still on the beta development process, there are not much information about the company, however if the rumors are true the deal is one of the most expensive purchases made by Twitter.

The acquisition of Periscope by Twitter automatically makes us think of a new possible feature on the social platform: live video streaming.

Probably one of the most important developments that necessitated such a move was the launch of Meerkat around a week ago. Meerkat app, which let the users send live videos on the platform, became very popular among Twitter members.

Whether it is Meerkat or an improved version -maybe Periscope- integrated to Twitter would help the users to share richer content, without the limit of 140 characters. Well, of course, that would create another opportunity for the advertisers on the platform!

Twitter or Periscope still haven’t made an official announcement about the rumors. We’ll see how the two companies will work together and create a whole new tweeting experience.

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