HERE by Nokia: The Offline Navigation App is Back on iOS

11 Mar 2015
HERE by Nokia: The Offline Navigation App is Back on iOS

HERE by Nokia, the mobile map and navigation application for its smartphones, is back on iOS devices after a one-year break. The new version of HERE is completely “native” and visually different than its previous iOS application.

Last year, the application was first released specifically for Samsung and then launched for all Android users. HERE app provides standard map features, live traffic information and user reviews on locations.

The best part of the application is its offline navigation feature, which is for now only available for certain regions. Targeting the travellers, HERE allows you to use the app without the need of an Internet connection and gain from both battery life and cellular data.


If you are on foot, that’s no problem as well! HERE will guide you with turn-by-turn alerts and when you’re taking the train; where the station is; all the transfers you’ll need to make and where to get off.

You can download the app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Check out the video for HERE by Nokia:

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