Google Opened Its First-Ever Google Shop in London

11 Mar 2015
Google Opened Its First-Ever Google Shop in London
Image Source: Telegraph

As you know, global companies use not only their products and services but also their store designs as a tool to market themselves. One of the most successful examples that come into mind is probably Apple.

The way Apple designs their physical stores is a whole other case study to be examined. Today, we’ve heard that the tech giant Google has opened its first-ever Google Shop in United Kingdom.

In this first Google Shop opened in London, both Google’s branded products and Android-based third-party services are displayed and available for purchase.

The most highlighted product of the Google Shop is -not surprisingly- the Chromebook, which was first introduced in 2011.

Similar to an Apple Store, you can consult with Google experts and learn more about the products and services offered in the Google Shop.

google shop


In Google Shop, you’ll have the chance to sample Google’s phones, tablets, laptops and Chromecasts. Of course, the company wants you to have a good time in the store; that’s why you can find a Doodle Wall to spray digitally!

In short, Google brings in something new in order to provide a “try-before-you-buy” experience for its visitors and potential customers.

If you need an address, here it is: Currys PC World, 145-149 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7NE.

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