Time to Say Goodbye to FriendFeed!

10 Mar 2015
Time to Say Goodbye to FriendFeed!

It’s time to say goodbye to another old friend of the digital world; FriendFeed -the social platform acquired by Facebook in 2009- recently decided to shut down its service.

According to the announcement on the official FriendFeed blog, once a very popular social networking service will completely shut down on April 9th.



FriendFeed states that they will not accept any new signups starting from today and the existing FriendFeed users can reach all their content and messages until the closing date.

If you recall, Facebook acquired the platform in 2009 for around $50 million. Unfortunately, FriendFeed failed in attracting active users, as opposed to its competitors. The company openly states that it’s almost meaningless to keep the platform since the number of FriendFeed users is ever-declining.

In short, the platform could not survive in the fast-changing nature of social media and compete with countless other networking services.

Here you can see the reactions of Twitter users for FriendFeed’s shutdown.

If you need some nostalgia, here is the welcome video by FriendFeed from 2009:

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