Creative Accelerator: Facebook Advertising for Everyone

10 Mar 2015
Creative Accelerator: Facebook Advertising for Everyone

The social networking giant, Facebook starts a new programme called ‘Creative Accelerator’ targeting high-growth markets in several locations of the world.

Thanks to the Creative Accelerator, Facebook aims to help the brands to tell their stories better and share their content to a much wider audience, including the ones without a high-tech smartphone!

According to Facebook’s announcement, the programme targets high-growth countries including Turkey, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Kenya. Partnering with several clients and advertising agencies in these countries, Facebook wants to spread the brands’ social content to everyone and every device.

creative accelerator


As you know, Facebook provides special services and platforms for non-smart phone users such as and Facebook Lite. Now, the company wants to improve the brands’ advertising efforts by creating tailored messages for feature phone and low-end smartphone users.

If you would like a further read, you can check out Facebook’s blog post about successful case studies by Coca-Cola, Durex and Nestlé.

Creative Accelerator can be seen as an effort to deliver the brands’ messages to every part of the world, regardless of the technology they are using. In the future, we’ll certainly see further attempts to help businesses in growing their advertising activities on Facebook.

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