Shazam Wants More With Visual Recognition

9 Mar 2015
Shazam Wants More With Visual Recognition

The popular music discovery application Shazam aims bigger with the idea of incorporating visual recognition into the service.

According to Shazam’s CEO, Rich Riley, the users will be able to “shazam” more than just songs by hitting the famous blue button.

Working in line with voice recognition, Shazam will be developed to detect objects and this feature will probably be used in product promotion and online shopping.

For example, thanks to the visual recognition feature that Shazam has been working on, the users will be able to scan a cereal box and learn about the nutritional information.

Another example provided by Riley is that you’ll easily “shazam” a DVD case in order to buy the movie soundtrack album.

rich riley shazam

Image Source: Reuters

In fact, visual recognition for products is not something brand new for us; Firefly on Amazon Fire Phone or the forgotten Google Goggles apps have been doing the same thing more or less.

Still, there is no monopoly in the area of visual recognition and if Shazam applies this technology to the mobile application, the verb “shazaming” can become something we start using more often.

Based on Riley’s example about possible uses of the new Shazam, we may argue that the company aims bigger especially in e-commerce and generating new revenue models.

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