Facebook Wants to Prevent Suicide With Its New Tool

9 Mar 2015
Facebook Wants to Prevent Suicide With Its New Tool
Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald

The world’s largest social network, Facebook introduced a new tool to prevent suicide by working with a simple reporting system.

As you know, the effect of social media on our lives is a popular question of debate and -of course- Facebook is an often mentioned name on the issue. In order to turn the tide, Facebook takes a step and targets its suicidal users.

Noticing that the most of the depressed people -intentionally or unintentionally- ask for help from their Facebook friends, the company wants to handle the situation in a professional manner.


















That’s why Facebook starts working together with Save.org, Now Matters Now, The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and many more mental health organizations. Facebook’s new tool aims to help both you and your friends.

Facebook’s suicide prevention tool will soon be available for all the users in the United States, through which you can ask for professional help or report a friend’s suspicious update. The company also states that they are working to improve the tool for those outside the U.S.

You can check Facebook’s official statement for its new suicide prevention tool.

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