How to Use Team Accounts on Twitter

6 Mar 2015
How to Use Team Accounts on Twitter

If you’re running a team account on Twitter, you probably experience the same concerns with many of us: Sharing passwords with dozens of people, the possibility of being hacked, the revenge of a former employee and many more!

Of course, there is always a solution offered by several third-party apps and services, but if you have troubles trusting them Twitter will make your life easier with its official tool: TweetDeck.

TweetDeck is a great free tool to manage your account and engage with your followers. Previously we’ve talked about how you can create Twitter collections via the app and today we’ll introduce you another feature to use both from web browsers and desktop applications.

Visit TweetDeck on web or open the application. Click the “Accounts” section on the left sidebar.



Choose the account you wish to add team members.



Type your team members’ names or Twitter usernames.



You can easily manage the duties of your team members and remove them anytime you want.



Thanks to TweetDeck, the chosen team members can contribute to your brand account without sharing any passwords and using third-party apps. Isn’t it great?

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