Carousel Ads: The New Way of Instagram Campaigns

5 Mar 2015
Carousel Ads: The New Way of Instagram Campaigns

It’s been a while since Instagram first started opening space for ads, and today the company announces a new type of advertising on the platform: Carousel Ads.

As we’ve mentioned before, Instagram has constantly been improving its services and increasing the number of active users. Now owned by Facebook, Instagram started working hard on generating new revenue models.

The greatest challenge of Instagram is to place advertising without disturbing the flow of the platform for its loyal users. After experimenting with several ad types, Instagram created another one called Carousel Ads.

For the first time on the platform, this new type of advertising allows the brands to use external links. Normally, the application did not let its users find any clickable link on the posts and leave Instagram, but thanks to Carousel Ads, the advertisers can provide links to their websites.

Carousel Ads works simply: You’ll see sponsored posts in your feed, which are placed as a slideshow, and have the chance to navigate through several photos. At the end of the slideshow, you’ll find a link to a website of the brand’s choice.

Carousel Ads are now available for a limited number of users.

Check the video for Carousel Ads:

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