Having Trouble Writing New Blog Posts? 5 Tips to Update Your Blog Regularly!

5 Mar 2015
Having Trouble Writing New Blog Posts? 5 Tips to Update Your Blog Regularly!

Even though we make a commitment to ourselves to keeping our content fresh and updating our blog on a time basis, we may often fail to do that. After making a plan and creating a content strategy, our minds play the game so well that they make us postpone or even forget about writing new blog posts.

On the other hand, you are probably aware of how important it is to update your blog regularly, both in terms of SEO and attracting more readers. Regularly updated blogs and websites become more visible by Google and -of course- by your potential visitors.

If you are getting lost on the way of blogging from time to time, we have 5 great tips for you!

1) Create a Topic Idea Bank

Although it seems pretty straightforward, creating a topic idea bank -or however you name it- will be a great help in your course of action. Think of it as a limitless bank account you can instantly fill and withdraw cash whenever you are in need!

One of the strongest reasons why we fail to generate fresh content is not having a clear blog post topic in our minds. By creating an idea bank, you invest in the future and reduce the workload even before you have trouble writing.

The best part: This trick is completely free and ready-to-do anywhere in anytime!

Take a notebook or open a Word document, simply write down whatever comes into your mind that can be transformed into a blog post in an interesting way. When this becomes a habit, you’ll start taking notes during breakfast, in a meeting or even in the bathroom!

While taking notes, try to specify the topic: Why are you exactly interested in it? What would your perspective be? What would attract the reader more?

Action: Create a notebook on Evernote and write down at least 10 blog topic ideas.

2) Use Your Free Time

Another reason why we often neglect our beloved blogs is the usual complaint about “time”. In fact, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with constant thinking about what to do with your blog all day long —no one does that!

Blogging might be an extra job for you, or even if you are a professional, you would still have other things to do —that’s quite natural.

The key here is to use the magic of post scheduling.

Who says that you have to publish your blog posts immediately? One day, you would feel more creative and motivated to write, and a little bit tired the other day.

When you get used to writing little by little in your free time, such as after work hours, you wouldn’t feel the pressure of “I have to write something!” every day.

Sparing an extra, concentrated two-hours on a Sunday afternoon can save your whole week. For example, if you are in a good mood enough to write two blog posts at that time, save and schedule them to the weekdays. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for completing your weekly “duty” even before the week starts!

Action: Reschedule your weekend and create 2 hours of free time for writing new blog posts.

3) Create a Blog Post Series

Writing in series is a great strategy, because it will automatically generate new blog post topics for you, just like a matryoshka doll!

You wouldn’t believe how much this one will relieve you by adding extra items in your topic idea bank. Blog post series will both keep you focused on a given topic and prove your expertise in that area.

Moreover, using the same topic and keywords in several numbers of blog posts will have a great impact on your SEO performance; leave aside how it will help your visitors to come back!

If writing long blog posts overwhelm you, this one fits you even better, since you can easily create mini-series instead of a long, shallow text.

The best part is that you don’t need to start all over; instead, you can choose one of your old blog posts and write some follow-ups or even split them into little parts to generate a series with minimum effort!

Action: Check your topic idea bank and mark the ones you can extract at least 3 blog posts.

4) Reviews Save the Day

Whether about a book, a movie or a world news, writing review posts is a great way to keep your blog up-to-date and to inspire others with your own thoughts.

We are sure that it wouldn’t be hard to find something to comment on, whatever your area of expertise is. It might be a fashion week for a fashion blogger, or a new wearable for a tech savvy —and if you are running a personal blog, it’s simply anything!

You can always use the reviews as your safe zone; when you feel stuck, simply make a quick search on Google or social media and choose a concept or a product you can add your own thoughts.

One major bonus: If you turn that into a habit, there’s a great chance to make money out of it!

Action: Create an RSS list to follow the latest news in your area of interest.

5) Host Guest Blogging

Last but not least, guest blogging has many advantages; think about it, someone else will be generating content for your blog!

Guest blogging is a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and their readers at the same time. Since they’ll provide links back to your blog, you’ll have the chance to reach your guests’ visitors and followers.

When you start getting original, high-quality content from your guest bloggers, you’ll both keep your blog active and provide your readers with different, unique perspectives. No need to mention SEO one more time; you know how effective it will be on your ranking!

Since guest blogging does the most of the work, now you can better focus on your personal blog content —you’ll have more time and better ideas to fill that little notebook!

All you need to do is to create a space on your blog so that your potential guests can apply; after that, a simple editing before hitting the publish button would be enough.

Trust us, many bloggers are looking for a website like yours to submit their content. Let them and it’s a win-win game!

Action: Announce that you’re hosting guest blogging on social media and blogger networks.

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