Trusted Contacts: Let Your Friends Help You on Facebook!

4 Mar 2015
Trusted Contacts: Let Your Friends Help You on Facebook!

It’s been a while since Facebook introduced Trusted Contacts; the feature to get help from your close friends or family members just in case you can’t reach your account.

Thanks to this account recovery option, you wouldn’t have to fill long forms or try to remember your security questions in order to regain your Facebook profile.

What Facebook does, instead, is to send your Trusted Contacts a security code by your request. The social network allows you to choose up to 5 contacts, who should better be easy-to-access and trustworthy!

Here’s how to assign your Trusted Contacts within a few minutes:

Visit your Settings Page and find the “Security” Tab.



Click “choose trusted contacts” and search your friends in the list. Facebook will automatically notify them, after the confirmation.



If you still haven’t assigned Trusted Contacts, it’s the right time to do —before it’s too late!

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