Disable Auto-Play for Facebook Videos!

3 Mar 2015
Disable Auto-Play for Facebook Videos!

Even though Facebook thinks that this is an easier way to watch videos, you may still want to disable auto-play for Facebook videos. Since “mobile data” is one of the modern man’s problems, there is a way to stop Facebook videos from exhausting your data plan!

Visit your Settings page and find the “Videos” section. Make sure you’ve chosen the “Off” option to disable auto-play.



If you are a mobile Facebook user, things get even better. The application allows you to choose between “Wi-fi only”, “Always” and “Never”.

What Facebook calls as the “Smart Auto-Play” option lets the app decide on behalf of you, based on your device, country, mobile carrier, battery life and data usage.

Once more, visit the Settings tab on your mobile Facebook app and choose “Videos”.


For Android users: App Settings -> Video Auto-play -> Off

That’s all! No need to worry about your mobile data anymore.

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