YouTube Kids: The Safe Video Service for Children

27 Feb 2015
YouTube Kids: The Safe Video Service for Children

A while ago, we’ve talked about how Google started working on safe services for children and finally YouTube Kids is here!

As the first step of a safer web initiative by Google, the company recently announced the launch of a special platform for children on iOS and Android devices.

As a matter of fact, children -and even the toddlers- form one of the largest groups of YouTube visitors. Moreover, there are lots of children’s programs in the list of YouTube’s highest earning video channels.

On the other hand, if you think in a broader sense, YouTube hosts thousands and millions of inappropriate videos for children, which make the parents anxious. Unfortunately, the platform is full of slang and today’s kids can easily access all those videos.

youtube kids

YouTube Kids wants to challenge this by offering the children four categories of channels and playlists:

  • Shows
  • Music
  • Learning
  • Explore

The famous video service is redesigned for the kids, with larger images and bolder icons.

If your child is not able to write yet, YouTube Kids has the voice search option, as well!

YouTube Kids offers the parents high control over the application; you can set a timer to limit kids’ screen time, turn off the background music to find some peace and disable the search option to provide only pre-selected videos for your kids.

You can download the app for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, YouTube Kids is not globally available yet.

Check the video for YouTube Kids:

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