Nutshell by Prezi: The App to Animate Photos

19 Feb 2015
Nutshell by Prezi: The App to Animate Photos

Prezi, the web-based presentation service recently released a new mobile app named Nutshell which allows you to animate your photos and create a new image-sharing trend.

In fact, Nutshell offers something quite different than Prezi’s presentation features. The app lets you capture three photos in a row and create a moving animation with cute figures and text.



Developed with a simple design, Nutshell enables you to share your special animations on social networks including Instagram and Twitter.

Started as an initiative from Budapest, Prezi wants to change your photo sharing habits with Nutshell. If you are into visual stuff like we are, you should give Nutshell a try!

For now the application is only available on iOS devices.

Check the video for Nutshell:

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