IKEA Emoticons: Improve Communication at Home

19 Feb 2015
IKEA Emoticons: Improve Communication at Home

IKEA Emoticons is a quite interesting mobile application launched by the Swedish furniture retail giant. At first, it looks like any other emoji-based apps —until you see the name IKEA!

IKEA Emoticons helps you to express yourself better with emojis especially when you are at home! That’s right, because IKEA develops this project out of the communication issues between men and women.

Well, if you can’t get along with your spouse because of clutter at home, IKEA wants you to tell your problems via emoji…

What makes this app different is the way emoji are gathered around home accessories and IKEA products (including Swedish meatballs!)

ikea emoticons 1

ikea emoticons 2

















IKEA Emoticons works just like any other keyboard application, even though there is a slight problem with this one. Unfortunately, you can’t directly insert emojis into text; instead, you have to copy and paste the icon.

Many users already started reacting negatively, since the icons appear in almost regular image sizes and the keyboard is not compatible with several popular messaging applications.

We don’t think that IKEA Emoticons is a must-have app -for now-, but still the case displays how emoji became the new way of communication both between us, and brands.

IKEA Emoticons is available for iOS and Android devices.

Here’s the video for IKEA Emoticons:

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