Drops: Learn a Language in 5 Minutes a Day

19 Feb 2015
Drops: Learn a Language in 5 Minutes a Day

Drops is a brand new mobile application, making your language learning experience more fun in only five minutes a day!

As you know, learning a foreign language requires determination and continuity. If you want to keep your languages fresh or learn a new one in a consistent manner, Drops is the right one for you.

The app does not let you learn more than five minutes per day, even if you strive for more! Drops aims to display how learning can get much more fun and easier with games —when used daily!



















Using Drops, you can train your beginner skills in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian for now. As we’ve mentioned before, you can use the app only for five minutes a day. After five minutes, the exercise stops and tells you to wait 24 hours.

Of course, there are some ways to extend your training time; such as tweeting or sharing on Facebook. Social sharing tricks bring you 3 minutes, whereas purchasing an extra 5 minutes cost $0.99.

Drops pushes you to focus on learning and wants you to make the most of your valuable five minutes. We loved the idea!

You can download the app for iOS devices.

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