Get Your Free Google Drive Storage Now!

12 Feb 2015
Get Your Free Google Drive Storage Now!

You’ll love Google’s latest campaign for the ‘Safer Internet Day’ —especially if you are a Google Drive fan.

The company offers 2 GB free Google Drive storage space in order to show their support for a much safer Internet use. In order to get your free and permanent storage space, Google expects you to display your loyalty to a safer web as well!

In fact, the process is quite easy: Simply visit your Security Checkup page here, and control your privacy settings in three steps. That’s all!

You’ll make sure that your account is secure and get 2 GB free Google Drive storage at the same time!

free google drive storage

Keep in mind that it’s a limited time offer. Make sure you’ve completed all three steps and got your little green ticks until Feb 17.

Don’t panic when you don’t see your free space instantly —Google will start granting them around Feb 28 and notify you via e-mail.

Claim yours now, before it’s too late!

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