Who Are You? Why Are You Blogging? 5 Tips For A Perfect About Me Page!

11 Feb 2015
Who Are You? Why Are You Blogging? 5 Tips For A Perfect About Me Page!

When someone asks you these kinds of direct questions, the answer may not always come instantly —we know that feeling. Unfortunately, in the world of blogging you wouldn’t have the time to share your whole life with the reader. That’s why we all need well-written, interesting and solid about me pages.

The key to a perfect about me page is basically linked to how sincere and clear you are.

Think of it as a first date. You wouldn’t want to talk too much about yourself, or go into every little detail of your life, right?

Since the attention span on the Internet is shorter than in real life, your first date should be the date where you catch the reader.

If you need a hand with that, here are our 5 tips for a perfect about me page!

1. Don’t Make It About You!

This might sound weird, but yes, don’t make your ‘about me’ page about you!

Even though this is the place where you’ll introduce yourself, display what’s in there for your readers first.

  • Which problem do you want to solve on your blog?
  • Who should be interested in that topic?
  • What would the reader gain when they read your blog?
  • In short; What are you talking about?

If you’re writing about “Cute Cafés in Berlin”, simply write that down. This way, the visitor will know what they are about to read and if they are interested in the topic they’ll bookmark you!

Action: Type your blog topic in an interesting way under the page headline!

2. Use Your Own Voice

There may be several reasons for someone to visit your about me page; they might have liked what you’ve written and wondered what kind of a person you are, or the opposite way: they might have liked your online personality and wanted to see what your blog is all about.

In both cases, you should offer them an informative about me page, but it doesn’t have to be like a Wikipedia page!

Many bloggers get anxious when it comes to introducing themselves. In fact, I’ve seen many people with creative minds who tend to talk about themselves in a more “robotic” and “formal” way. There is no need for that!

Simply stick to your own voice; if you are writing in a friendly tone (you should!), describe yourself with those sincere words.

I’m not a big fan of using “third person” in self-introductions, but there are successful examples for that, as well. If it fits your blogging tone and the rest of your about me page, you are free to write in the third person.

Action: Type the keywords that explain you the best; they’ll automatically create a mini-CV for you!

3. Remember Why You’ve Started

After introducing your blog and your background information, it’s time to hear your reasons for blogging.

Adding your motivations to start a blog to your about me page works in two-ways: first, the reader will understand you better; and second, they’ll be inspired!

Previously we’ve mentioned that one of the greatest benefits of blogging is the chance to inspire others with your writings, and since your about me page is just another content you’ve written, your chances work here as well!

If you tell your readers why you’ve started blogging and the real story behind your motivation, you’ll create a better connection with them. Also, it’s always a good thing to keep your reasons close to you!

Action: Take a minute to remember that “aha moment” which led you to blogging!

4. Let Them Reach You

At this point, providing your contact details can make you feel uncomfortable. No worries, you don’t have to offer your home address or cell phone number!

If you don’t want to contact with your readers via your personal e-mail address, that’s fine as well. All you need to do is to create a separate e-mail address for your blog and you can use free services like Gmail or Outlook for this end.

If you are still not okay with that (mainly for privacy concerns) you can insert a Contact Form in your about me page, which would take some time and effort.

The crucial point here is to add all your social media account links —something always to be remembered!

By providing the links to your social media accounts, you’ll both enable the reader to know you better in person and you’ll be promoting your social profiles at the same time!

Action: Create a consistent mail account with your blog’s name and social media usernames!

5. Display Your Favorites

This may work in different ways.

In this last part, you can introduce your hobbies, passions, favorite blogs and even family members to make it more personal.

However, what I mean here are the most liked posts on your blog; either by you or your readers. Since you’ve already introduced yourself and your blog topic, you have every right to promote some of your content!

By using internal linking, simply talk about your favorite blog posts -maybe with a funny background story- or highlight the ones that are the most popular among your readers.

After all, this is your page, who can stop you from doing some self-promotion?

Action: Choose your top 5 blog posts and promote them in a conversational tone!

Bonus: Stay Up-to-Date!

People change; so do your blog and your readers!

Always keep in mind that blogging is not a static thing; that’s why you should update your about me page from time to time.

If you’ve achieved new things or learned some while on the road, don’t hesitate to show them.

If an influencer mentioned your blog on their website, write about how proud you are!

All in all, always think about your readers. Would they be interested in it? Would they trust you more for that?

Action: Keep it real and you’ll do great!

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