Google Buys Odysee, the Photo-Sharing Platform, For Google Plus

10 Feb 2015
Google Buys Odysee, the Photo-Sharing Platform, For Google Plus

Google recently purchased Odysee; the app to share and back up all photos and videos on smart phones. Even though no announcement was made by the company, you can view the update on Odysee’s website about joining the Google Plus team.

For now, the amount paid for the acquisition remains a secret.

Odysee is a tool to organize your photo and video backups on your computer instantly. The company was operating with a “humble” revenue model, charging an annual fee of $5.

Odysee will serve its existing users until Feb 23rd and sadly disappear… If you are an Odysee user, don’t miss the chance to download your archives when you still have the time!

Since Odysee expressed their excitement about joining the Google Plus team and by looking at their services offered, we may argue that Google might work for a new feature within Google Plus or develop a separate application for photo sharing and backup.

Check Out Odysee’s Special Features:

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