Rumor: Google Will Soon Display Tweets in Search Results

9 Feb 2015
Rumor: Google Will Soon Display Tweets in Search Results

According to Bloomberg, Twitter and Google are to cooperate in order to display tweets in search results. The two Internet giants reportedly closed the deal on making our tweets visible on Google search as soon as they are posted.

In fact, that’s not a new thing since Google and Twitter made a similar agreement between the years 2009 and 2011. Although the deal ended quite soon, the two companies obviously want to get back together once more.

tweets in search results

Image Source: Webmasto

Many thinks that the end of Twitter-Google agreement was due to Google Plus’ launch and promotion at that time period.

We may speculate that Google and Twitter aim to reduce Facebook’s power on the Internet, since the company owns both Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp —which poses a threat for Twitter and Google.

The agreement seems as a win-win game since Twitter will reach more people through the search engine and Google will offer a wider range of content to its users.

We’ll see whether two companies will soon make an official announcement on that.

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