Am I Going Down? – The App to Calculate Your Flight Safety

6 Feb 2015
Am I Going Down? - The App to Calculate Your Flight Safety

‘Am I Going Down?’ is a brand new mobile application calculating the risk of your flights. In short, the app tells you the odds of your plane crashing! Scary, isn’t it?

The application basically wants to reduce your flight anxiety by supporting their argument with the data. However, many already started to criticize the app for doing the exact opposite thing.

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The $0.99 application is pretty easy to use. Enter your departure and arrival airports; your plane type and the airline you consider traveling with. Within seconds, Am I Going Down? tells you the stats for your plane to crash!

When it comes to data reliability, the developer Nic Johns explains that Am I Going Down? uses data provided by the Geneva-based Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives, the United States National Transportation Safety Board and the Montreal-based International Civil Aviation Organization.

We are not sure whether it’s a brilliant or a scary app, but Am I Going Down? is definitely an “outside-the-box” idea!

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