LokLok: The Messaging App On Your Lock Screen

5 Feb 2015
LokLok: The Messaging App On Your Lock Screen

Another day, another new messaging application…

Well, LokLok App comes with one of the most interesting ideas in this area —the ability to chat on your lock screen!

LokLok is a mobile application turning your lock screen into a whiteboard. Moreover, LokLok enables you to share your lock screen drawings, notes and photos with your friends and groups instantly.



















Apart from simply being an instant messaging app, LokLok lets you leave little notes to your friends’ cell phones, without unlocking them. Thus, no harm to their privacy!

As a start-up based in Portugal, LokLok gained around half a million users in the last 6 months.

For now, the application is only available on Android devices and you should wait a little more if you are an iOS user.

Check the video for LokLok App:

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