Snapchat Launches ‘Discover’ Feature

4 Feb 2015
Snapchat Launches 'Discover' Feature
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Snapchat has been improving its services with Snaps, Stories and Live Events, and now a whole new feature is added to the mobile application: Discover.

Through Discover, Snapchat adds its energy and style into daily news. In short, Snapchat creates stories out of them!

CNN, MTV, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo News, People and Daily Mail are some of the early adopters of Snapchat Discover.

snapchat discover

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The publishers will renew their short news every 24 hours and unlike social media platforms, they wouldn’t be able to drive traffic from the application.

Discover is new, but familiar. That’s because Stories are at the core – there’s a beginning, middle, and end so that editors can put everything in order. Every edition is refreshed after 24 hours – because what’s news today is history tomorrow.



We’ll see how Snapchat Discover publishers will expand and which new features will be added to the agenda.

Check the video for Snapchat Discover:

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