Nutella on Facebook: How to Make The Fans Talk To You!

3 Feb 2015
Nutella on Facebook: How to Make The Fans Talk To You!

Nutella, as you know, is the Italian brand for chocolate spreads. Today, it is almost identical with little treats!

As a part of the bigger Ferrero family, Nutella does a great job by being both the kids’ and grown-ups’ favorite. Let’s see how the brand engages with such a wide audience on social media!

Nutella operates from one global brand page, with several localized sub-pages. It is one of the top 20 brands on Facebook, with more than 30,5 million likes.

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Not surprisingly, Italy looks out for its brand! Moreover, European countries stand as the majority of the top 10 followers of Nutella. Today, we’ll take a brief look at Nutella’s Facebook Page in the United Kingdom and see whether we can learn some from them!

Make Space For The Campaigns

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One of the best things about social media is how easily you can use the platforms for themselves. Nutella often carries their social media campaigns and contests into their cover photos. It is the best way to promote your social media channels, by using the same ones!

We should also add that it’s always a good idea to find a funny “special day” to celebrate and use it in order to engage with your fans! If you need an idea, you can find upcoming funny days and weird holidays here.

Engage in Great Conversations

Nutella is probably one of the best brands when it comes to content strategy. With one update a day, the brand offers the customers something even more than they need —high quality & engaging content.



Nutella makes the customers talk with fun puzzles and games and things get even better when they turn it into a contest!

Thanks to their strategy focused mainly on engagement, the brand opens up new conversations every day. You can also create daily or weekly contests in order to boost engagement and thank your fans at the same time.



Trust us, when you make your fans talk, there’ll be so little left for you to do! Nutella simply knows the right questions for their audience and sincerely wants to learn their opinion —and that’s the key.

By using puzzles, encouraging questions and “fill-in-the-blanks” type of content, Nutella presents us a great example of the right way of creating social media engagement.

If such big brands implement these techniques, why not do the same thing for your business?

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