Meet Spotify for PlayStation!

3 Feb 2015
Meet Spotify for PlayStation!

If you are a music-loving, PlayStation user, this is the news you have been waiting for!

The great music streaming application Spotify will soon be available on PlayStation platforms. Spotify’s collaboration with PlayStation Network will enable the users to connect their Spotify accounts with the PSN service.

This way, Sony will provide their users and music fans a great advantage. On the other hand, Spotify will have the chance to promote its Premium service to a wider audience.

Obviously, this collaboration between Spotify and Sony will help you to listen to your favorite songs while playing your favorite video games. Now, you don’t have to limit yourself to the theme songs of video game companies!

It seems like a win-win game both on the side of Spotify and PlayStation.

Even though the global release date is not certain, you can apply for the waiting list of ‘Spotify for PlayStation’ in the meantime.

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