Imgur Introduces ‘Video to GIF’ Tool

3 Feb 2015
Imgur Introduces 'Video to GIF' Tool

You probably know that GIFs rock the Internet…

Every day we see thousands of creative use of GIF format —especially in humor. It’s also obvious that social media platforms give weight to GIF format and many of them support it. In short, GIFs have their own way of telling stories and promoting themselves in the digital world.

Imgur, one of the world’s largest image sharing services, recently created a platform which converts videos into GIFs easily.

Thanks to Imgur’s ‘Video to GIF’ tool, you can create GIFs within seconds, simply by pasting the video URL.

Imgur lets you choose videos from several video platforms, including YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. The new service also allows you to add text onto your GIF and customize it more easily.

Paste the video URL, choose your favorite scene and add your text!

video to gif


This is what your custom GIF will look like:

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