Google Started Money Transfer via Gmail

3 Feb 2015
Google Started Money Transfer via Gmail

Google announced its money transfer feature via Gmail Inbox in the United Kingdom. Thanks to Google’s new feature, Gmail users can now send money to their friends by using the “£” button on their mailboxes.

Paying back your friends is now as simple as sending an email, whether you’re chipping in for lunch or reimbursing your roommate for your share of the rent.

Moreover, the receiver does not necessarily need a Gmail account to use money transfer feature; instead, Google’s online wallet service ‘Google Wallet’ takes care of this deal.

google money transfer


All you have to do is to choose the account you want to transfer money and send it as an attachment.

For now, the feature is available for UK Gmail or Google Wallet users over 18 years old.

Check out Google’s money transfer service:

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