Google Plus Ripples: Quick Way to Analyze Content

3 Feb 2015
Google Plus Ripples: Quick Way to Analyze Content

One of the most hidden features of Google Plus’ insights is called ‘Ripples’, which allows you to have a quick look at your contents’ sharing chain. In short, Google Plus Ripples displays how and by whom your content is distributed and shared.

Obviously, a popular content on Google Plus is shared by many users and Ripples makes it easier to follow that streamline.

Thanks to Google Plus Ripples, you can see who brought you the most shares -as an influencer- so that you may choose to connect with them.

It is the quickest way to see how a given content spread around the social network —without going into the details of Analytics.

If a post is shared on your stream, you can visit their Ripples as well!


Google provides these quick stats in a visual way and when you zoom in, you’ll find a more detailed version of your reshares.


Google Ripples also offers the data of how your reshares went over time, together with chain statistics, influencers and language information.


You are ready to use Google Plus Ripples!

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