SoundHound: Find A Song By Humming!

2 Feb 2015
SoundHound: Find A Song By Humming!

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head, without knowing the lyrics or the name? We know you had…

Thanks to the music recognition app SoundHound, you can sing or hum a song in order to find its details, and that’s what makes SoundHound different than the others —like Shazam.

SoundHound claims to find a song while you are singing, humming, speaking, or typing, as well as from a recording. To be honest, we got the best results by simply humming!


When SoundHound recognizes the song, the app provides you with the options of buying on iTunes, playing on Spotify and searching the lyrics.

Moreover, when the app is not sure what that song was all about, it offers you some recommendations for you to choose!

















You can download SoundHound for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even BlackBerry!

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