Are You a Messy Thinker? Organize Your Thoughts!

2 Feb 2015
Are You a Messy Thinker? Organize Your Thoughts!

Previously we’ve talked about how you can stay creative and keep your ideas fresh, and now it’s time to see how to organize your thoughts in order to make maximum use of them!

If you are a messy thinker, like many of the bloggers in our day, there are simple tricks to guide you with that. Since we are covered with distractions -thanks to the online world- it’s quite normal to feel disunited.

Today is the day to learn how to organize your thoughts, so that you can be a better thinker and blogger!

Use Applications

If we get busy with several applications all the time, why not make use of some of them?

Finding the right applications will help you to turn the tide! On the Internet, you’ll find several free services to keep your thoughts organized.

As you know, the solid, old-school way of organized thinking is taking notes. As a blogger living in the digital environment, we are sure you’ll have no difficulty adapting to those mobile apps.

Evernote is our favorite one to gather your ideas and carry them with you anywhere you want. Whether it’s a photo or a web page you want to keep, Evernote will help you with that, and if you wish to collaborate with your friends, that’s possible as well.

Create To-Do Lists

Yes, as simple as that!

To-do lists are quite easy to prepare and provide great motivation to keep us on the work. They’ll also prevent you from getting lost on your path, because you’ll know your steps and responsibilities.

Creating a to-do list and trying to fulfill your goals will both keep you in the game and make you a better thinker. You may argue that disorganized thinking is a good habit. Okay, having free-floating ideas in your mind can sometimes make you more creative, but if you want to update your blog on a time basis, you need a roadmap!

Moreover, you wouldn’t believe how great you’ll feel by erasing one little item from that list every day. Going back to a point we’ve highlighted before: Completing little goals will make you a real achiever!

If you need an app for that, we recommend you to try Wunderlist.

Keep an Idea Journal

As you know, perfect ideas may come anywhere in any time —it’s better to be prepared!

If you are a more “manual” type of person -like me- you’ll enjoy this little trick. Carrying an idea journal with you all the time will make that “Eureka Moment” permanent.

Of course, keeping a notebook and a pen with you is no big deal. The important part here is to record your day, whether by little drawings or small notes here and there!

For example, when a blog post idea appears in your mind, you can simply write the title and maybe a synopsis as a reminder. Later, you can take some time to think about it and take some more to put it into writing.

Take little notes on that note, too! If there was a particular thing inspired you to write that thought down, it’ll remind you what this idea meant to you.

Determine Your Priorities

Whether you like it or not, categorization is a great way to keep your mind focused on your tasks. While it’s helpful to look at the bigger picture, you may need to narrow your thoughts down in order to take care of them one by one.

Since trying to do everything at the same time might cause a mess, it’s always better to create small tasks and complete them according to your priorities.

If having a better-designed blog is more important and urgent for you rather than writing a new blog post, do it first. Otherwise, your mind will get stuck on the first thought and prevent you to perform better on the second one.

It’s all up to you to determine your priorities, right after creating a to-do list. Remember, one thing at a time! (Unless you are a superhero…)

All in all, now your thoughts are more organized and you are well-prepared to take action. Don’t wait a minute more, do what you have to do!

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