Navigate Faster With Facebook Shortcuts!

2 Feb 2015
Navigate Faster With Facebook Shortcuts!

Previously we’ve talked about Twitter keyboard shortcuts and they can ease your life, and now we are here to tell you the good news about Facebook! As a little-known fact, Facebook also has some built-in keyboard shortcuts that can help you to navigate more easily through the platform.

Unfortunately, Facebook shortcuts differ from browser to browser and according to your operating system; meaning, if you are a Windows or Mac user, you’ll have to use different Facebook shortcuts for each.

The good news is, access keys remain the same for all. Simply you need to enter these keys at the end of your combination, which we’ll symbolize with “x”.

Access Keys

0 – Help
1 – Home
2 – Timeline
3 – Friends
4 – Inbox
5 – Notifications
6 – Settings
7 – Activity Log
8 – About
9 – Terms


Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + x, then Enter
Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + x
Safari for Mac: Ctrl + Alt + x
Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Alt + x
Chrome for Mac: Ctrl + Alt + x
Chrome for PC: Alt + x

For example, if you want to reach the Notifications on Chrome for Mac, simply hit these buttons: Ctrl + Alt + 5

Apart from these combinations, there are hidden keyboard shortcuts directly leading you through the News Feed.

News Feed Shortcuts

j and k - Scroll between News Feed stories
enter/return - See more of the selected story
p - Post a new status
l - Like or unlike the selected story
c - Comment on the selected story
s - Share the selected story
/ - Search
q - Search chat contacts

One more thing: Here are the Facebook shortcuts you can use while on the “Messages” section.



If you are a Mac user, try “kntrl” button instead!

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