Timeline: World News In History

30 Jan 2015
Timeline: World News In History

When you hear the word ‘Timeline’, the first thing comes into your mind is probably Facebook. However, this newborn app has the great potential to change that perception.

Timeline offers the users a rich content background by providing daily world news within the context of history. For example, if you want to read about the current events in Greece, Timeline serves not only that but also a rich history of the country within a ‘timeline’ understanding.

timeline app

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The best part is that the chronology and history are offered in a pretty simple and clear design.

The San Francisco-based application, Timeline, made its place on the top applications list on App Store, as soon as it was released. For now, the application is only available on iOS devices, but you can reach the web version on m.timeline.com.

Here’s the teaser for Timeline:

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