Stay Anonymous on Spotify!

30 Jan 2015
Stay Anonymous on Spotify!

Don’t you hate it when people get to see what you’ve listened on Spotify? Maybe you were feeling nostalgic and wanted to listen to all songs of Spice Girls —noone can blame you!

Joking aside, there is an easy way to stop publishing your song updates on Facebook and Spotify.

If you are logged into Spotify via Facebook -like many of us- and don’t want to announce what you are listening to your friends, just follow these steps.



Visit your “Preferences” on the Spotify app. If you are a Windows user, try Ctrl + P.



At the top, you’ll see the “Activity Sharing” section. Here you can make yourself anonymous both on Spotify and Facebook.



If you need a temporary solution a Private Session would work just fine. Simply click on your name and choose that option, but remember, you’ll have to repeat that every time you launch the app!

That would be all. Now you can wander around your musics freely and stay anonymous on Spotify!

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