Check Out The Leaked Images for WhatsApp Calling!

30 Jan 2015
Check Out The Leaked Images for WhatsApp Calling!

It’s been a while since the rumors started about WhatsApp’s possible new feature: WhatsApp Calling.

According to Android World, we are getting really close to WhatsApp Calling! Sander Tuit of the website found some hidden codes in the popular messaging app and rendered the screenshots for us.


Reportedly, leaked screenshots come from the Android version of WhatsApp, which is distributed from the official web page of the app, and not through Google Play.

This version of WhatsApp is often released before an update takes place on Google Play and becomes available for all users.

Of course, leaked images make us think that WhatsApp is preparing for the final touches before WhatsApp Calling gets live. Still, there is no word from the company.

Sander Tuit argues that WhatsApp Calling may become a whole separate thing with is own section and call log, within the regular WhatsApp service.

Based on the screenshots offered by him, WhatsApp Calling seems in parallel with regular smartphone calling and answering options. “Slide to answer” and automatic text responses are the things we are already used to.

We’ll see whether these rumors will turn out to be true or just remain as a speculation.

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