How to Keep Your Ideas Fresh and Stay Creative!

30 Jan 2015
How to Keep Your Ideas Fresh and Stay Creative!

When it comes to blogging, keeping your ideas organized and solid becomes the key. Since you have to update your blog on a time basis, sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by continuous thinking. Don’t worry, that happens to us all the time!

In fact, all you need is a clear mind and a positive attitude to stay creative. If you need some tricks about keeping your ideas fresh, simply try our ways of doing it!

Leave Yourself Some Space

Whether you are a blogger, a businessman or freelancer, this is something we forget to do from time to time. Since we are constantly focused on our jobs, we may not notice how things begin to deteriorate. Both for your own good and for your business, sparing time for yourself is golden.

For a clear mind, you should have the ability to break your routine and -for example- take a day-off. If you are a blogger, you are even luckier!

Simply spend more time on the things you enjoy doing; whether it’s your morning coffee or pilates class, make it last longer. Trust me, an extra 30 minutes spent on getting some fresh air will only make you better at your job.

Determine Your Creative Time

Regardless of what science says, you are the best person to know who you really are!

According to research, early morning times are often pointed as the most creative hours —especially for writing. Well, I can never imagine that working for me!

Sorry science, but we are not the same…

At this point, it’s important to know yourself. If you want, you can keep a journal to see how well you are doing at different times of the day.

For example, looking at how well and easily I can write during a day, nights look like the best option for me.

Getting to know your times will also prevent distraction by providing a writing schedule for you —automatically.

Stay Inspired

If you recall, before we’ve mentioned why blogging is important and how the world desperately needs your ideas. At this point, you may need others’ in return.

Whatever your blog topic is, try to keep an eye on what others think about your theme and current events around it. Checking your fellow bloggers’ websites on a time basis will help you a lot. You wouldn’t believe how much their ideas can inspire you and help with improving your blog!

Remember, the first rule of inspiring others is to stay inspired!

Settle Your Checkpoints

Whenever we start a project or a blog, we tend to dream big and that’s something great!

On the other hand, looking at somewhere too far away can make us lose our way, because the word “hope” starts to play little games with our mind.

You can easily get rid of that dilemma by identifying your checkpoints and trying to take baby steps.

Setting up little goals for yourself and observing how easily you can achieve them will instantly boost your motivation. Instead of focusing on “30 blog posts a month”, shift your focus to “1 blog post a day” and check one more item on your list every day!

Don’t Feel Guilty About Little Treats

I know how hard it is to work, when it’s the last thing you actually wish to do. When that happens, try to do something you enjoy instead and never feel guilty about it!

This may sound easier said than done, but when you turn it into a habit, you’ll love the way it changes your working style.

You know that if you start working in a bad mood, nothing good will come out of that. Instead, if you do something you love very much so that it increases your energy, the next time you sit in front of that table, you’ll be in a much better mood!

Starting a project at a higher level of positivity and energy will bring great results!

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