Remove Read Receipts On WhatsApp!

29 Jan 2015
Remove Read Receipts On WhatsApp!

If you’ve never been a fan of WhatsApp’s newly introduced blue ticks, now there’s a way to get rid of them!

If you recall, a while ago WhatsApp updated its service in order to display whether your message has been read or not, and this new feature raised a lot of criticism. You may want to go back to the old, peaceful times —we’ll help you with that.

Unfortunately, for now that works only if you are an Android user. Follow these easy steps and remove read receipts on WhatsApp!

Visit your settings



Find your “Settings” in the app’s menu.

Click the “Account” section


Go on to “Privacy”


Uncheck “Read Receipts”

read-receipt-4And that would be all!

Keep in mind that now you won’t be able to see read receipts of your friends either. 

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