Adidas Originals: Keep It Clean on Instagram!

29 Jan 2015
Adidas Originals: Keep It Clean on Instagram!

Adidas Originals is a sub-brand of German multinational corporation —Adidas. Since it’s a category specialized more on the youth and casual sportswear, one expects Adidas Originals to be great in the social media game. Let’s see whether this is the case!


Well, the stats say it all…

Adidas Originals is the second best brand on Instagram, right behind Nike —which we’ve covered on Snug Social before.

With more than 4 million followers, Adidas sure knows the basics of the platform and how to engage with their customers. Despite being such a big brand with a large follower base, Adidas Originals never gets enough!

Keeping things simple and consistent are the essentials of Adidas’ success on Instagram.

Always Stay In The Game!

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Adidas Originals does a great job by keeping their Instagram page up-to-date. The followers get what they need —no more, no less!

The brand posts -on average- 3 photos a day. That’s something even average businesses ignore doing today.

If you want to be worth following and keep your existing followers with you, start taking daily pictures!

Show some faces, too!


What we loved most about Adidas Originals’ content strategy is their use of clean photos. Although they have a mix of human faces and product shots, the contents are sharp and straight.

Direct shots of objects on a clear background is one of the most loved content types on Instagram, and Adidas sure knows that well!

Adidas also does a great job with human faces; they never forget to balance bare product promotions with real people. They know how to use their models in an artsy, but “Instagrammy” way!


Of course, Adidas has this giant advantage of working with several celebrities as brand ambassadors. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have your own Nicki Minaj for that; you can always use your employees’ or team members’ faces to humanize your brand!

As you know, Instagram is a photo-based application and if you need a little more success in the game, you may try to rely less on “hashtags” and more on the content. Next time when you post a photo on Instagram, try to keep it cleaner and you’ll see what Adidas means!

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