Now You Can Translate Tweets With Bing Translator

28 Jan 2015
Now You Can Translate Tweets With Bing Translator
Image Source: Social Media Frontiers

One of the global Internet companies, Twitter announced the integration with Bing Translator to enable the users translate all the tweets in real time. Before, we’ve seen how Skype initiated its translation project, and today it seems no surprise for Twitter to follow the same path.

The social media giant will be using Bing Translator both on the web versions and mobile applications of Twitter. Real time translation by Twitter was a long tested and waited feature and it’s official now!

If you don’t see that option, you may need to visit your settings.

translate 1


Make sure you’ve checked the “Show Tweet translations” option and from now on when you see a tweet not in your language, you can hit the translation button by expanding that update.



As a platform with millions of global users, Twitter’s real time translation option seems remarkable. We’ll see how other platforms will follow that logic to become more “global” networks.

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